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Write an Analysis of the cover of Tsotsi Essay Example

Write an Analysis of the cover of Tsotsi Essay Write an Analysis of the cover of Tootsie My initial interpretation of the cover of Tootsie was that it was at a time of the day when the sun isnt fully prominent perhaps at Dawn, or it could possibly be at dusk, as the bright orange sun is Just peeking over the tops of the buildings. Also there is the powerful blue sky at the very top of the cover which could show either times of day as it could be forming or leaving. I thought that if it was dawn the male presence on the cover could have Just started or even Just finished work, as its quite common o work shifts like that, this would also explain how he looks tired however, this could also link into the possibility that hes running away. I also noticed that the background was quite poor, and looked poverty stricken like a shanty town, this insinuates that perhaps its based in a third world country such as Africa. We will write a custom essay sample on Write an Analysis of the cover of Tsotsi specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Write an Analysis of the cover of Tsotsi specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Write an Analysis of the cover of Tsotsi specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer This links in to the fact that the biggest presence on the cover is a young looking male, as countries such as Africa are stereotypically male dominant cultures, it is showing that perhaps the film is sticking to the stereotypes almost as if to make sure that the audience understand the film. The boy on the cover looks as though he doesnt quite fit in with the back scene, his clothes look expensive and possibly even branded. A leather Jacket and Chuck Taylor converse all-stars arent exactly what youd expect to see in Africa. Also there is the fact that he has what looks like a bracelet on his right wrist, this insinuates that perhaps the boy has money, how he got it we are still unsure of. However, it may not be a bracelet and in fact could be a lone handcuff which shows us that he could be into crime. It would also explain the fact that hes wearing expensive looking clothes and looks so out of place with his surroundings. On the bottom of the cover, only very small is a train, it looks as though it is Just simply passing by. Like a normal train does, but considering it is in a poverty stricken area it could have some other meaning. This could link into the thought maybe the film contains an element of crime, as the train could be used as a method of escape. Allowing him to leave it all behind and start a-new. As this is typical of people from or backgrounds and poor cities, they escape to get away and try and make a fresh start with the facilities and possibilities for a better life. At first I thought that the child in the boys arms could be a sibling due to the fact the boy looked so young and that maybe the story was about the boys adventure to find his mother and reunite not Just himself but his younger sibling. However, after taking a closer look to such things like his background and the possibility of crime. I thought that perhaps the child was his own. That because of crime hed committed an act which left him with a child he didnt necessarily want or need and he was Just left with it due to either promiscuous relations or even committing an act such as rape, or that maybe the childs mother died and the child was left with its biological father. The boy seems to be holding the child close and tight like hes protecting it which insinuates that they have some form of a relationship and bond together so that he doesnt want the baby to get hurt. This then insinuates that the story could be about the struggles of being single and male parent in a third world country. I looked at the comments that have most to me was the one written by the guardian the popular newspaper stated Visceral, intense and powerful by the fact that it was the guardian who commented on this film it already shows us it must have high status as this particular newspaper has very high standards and doesnt Just promote anything. Also the comment makes us wonder if perhaps the story is about something bad which has happened and theyre trying to make up for their mistakes. Looking over the cover you also notice he awards it won and been nominated for. All of which are quite prestigious awards. Insinuating that it must have been quite a popular film especially to have actually won an Academy Award, and to be nominated for not one but two Betas and a Golden Globe. This shows how much of an effect the movie must have had on people. Also you notice the Production brand, Momentum. This is quite a popular brand which means that this film wouldve had a big budget and of course a wider audience which would explain the amazing nominations and award wins. Lastly, I noticed the GE certificate it had been awarded. 15. This certificate is usually given to films that cannot be seen by a younger audience due to the fact that the topics shown were a little too delicate for them so by giving the film this certificate it almost assures you that there will be some delicate issues included in the film as well as some adult themes. Possibly Sex, Drugs, Violence or strong language. This could show the possibility that the child is actually his. Also could show the audience that he is in quite a poor area and has to steal and kill to survive.

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